Um viðburðinn

TEDxReykjavík will be held for the seventh time on September 9th This year, the theme is “re-imagine”. TEDxReykjavík will bring to the stage some of the most inspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs in Iceland to share their ideas of new ways to approach our society and environment in order to create a better world. 

7 ideas from 7 different walks of life with one common factor: re-imagining the norm. 

A TEDx event is an independently organized local gathering where live speakers present their ideas and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community. A TEDx event is organized by volunteers from the local community, and just like TED events, it lacks any commercial, religious or political agenda. Its goal is to spark conversation, connection and community.

Light lunch and coffee included in the ticket price.  All talks and discussions will be in English. Join the TEDxReykjavík community on September 9, 2017 to #reimagine our world together. 


Jonatan "Joon" Van Hove - game designer & digital artist. Joon will offer a light-hearted look into a phenomenon from inside gaming culture and what we can learn from it. Why do some people decide to play games in ways that were clearly not intended by the game's creators. 

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin — founder & CEO of FLOWVR. Tristan will give a talk about the importance and value of meditation and how she has been re-designing the way we meditate by creating software for cutting edge technology such as virtual reality, to help create a bridge to meditation for the modern individual.

Halldóra Mogensen — member of parliament. Halldóra will give a talk about universal basic income, aiming to further the conversation on the topic in Iceland and inspire us to start questioning our current economic model and inventing our way into a more sustainable future.

Sigurður Ólafur Sigurðarsson — photographer. Siggi wants to explore how photography can help us re-focus on current issues and make us see things from a new perspective. Can a photograph really tell the whole story

Ari Jóns —student in product design at the Icelandic Academy of Arts. Ari will walk us through his idea of a biodegradable water bottle that he came up with after he discovered that 50% of all plastic is used once and thrown away. He wants to challenge us all to start thinking creatively when it comes to solving the world’s ever-growing plastic problem.

Aishling Muller — visual artist. Aishling wants to challenge us to re-imagine the role of art in our world and our lives. She maintains that art is not just for artists — it is for everyone to enjoy and participate in! Should more of us be considering artistic expression as a way to cope with and enjoy life.

Benjamín Sigurgeirsson — PhD in biotechnology. Benjamín will give a talk about the human diet. He says that through no fault of our own, we are now consuming a diet that is destructive to the environment and life on our planet. He challenges us to rethink some of our assumptions about our diet and explore the tremendous benefits we can achieve by doing so.