SQL Saturday Iceland pre-con

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All You Need to Know about SQL Server in the Cloud

1. Abstract

The cloud is here, and you want to start working with it. When starting to work with SQL Server in the cloud, there are many things that need to be taken into account. 

Through extensive demos on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, this full day seminar will take you through the steps of moving SQL Server to the cloud the right way: from choosing the right cloud model, to architecture and performance considerations, and finally to performing the actual deployment. 

By the end of the day, you will have a firm understanding of the options for running SQL Server in the cloud, when and how to use which, how to do it the right way, and how to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

The seminar will cover:

• How to choose a cloud vendor
• How to choose between SQL Server as a service and SQL Server on a virtual machine
• How to choose the right hardware for your workload
• Performance considerations and best practices
• How to work in a hybrid environment where your data is both on-premise and in the cloud
• Backup, restore, high availability and disaster recovery options
• Security considerations
• Scaling options
• What to watch out for
• How does SQL Server fit in the cloud ecosystem
• How to automate your work
• How to cut your expenses

The seminar will include a deep dive into both the PaaS options (Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS) and IaaS options (Azure Virtual Machines and Amazon EC2). 

Whether you plan to migrate a current project to the cloud or start a new one, this seminar is for you.

2. Session Prerequisites

Experience working with SQL Server

3. Session Goals

1. Understand the difference between running SQL Server on a VM and SQL Server as a service
2. Understand the benefits and limitations of running SQL Server in the cloud
3. Get insights about different ways for getting the optimal performance when running SQL Server in the cloud

4. Speaker Bio

Matan Yungman is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, a senior consultant and the CTO at Madeira Data Solutions. He has been working with databases since 2002, and today he spends his time consulting, mentoring, teaching and speaking about databases and data platforms. Matan also co-hosts SQL Server Radio, a podcast for SQL Server professionals. He is passionate about data, technology and the databases and developers communities.